Watch as iExperts opens up Apples Mighty iPhone 6 in a world first exclusive iPhone 6 Teardown!

18/9/14 6pm: We are eagerly counting down the hours till we get our hands on Apple’s Latest and Greatest iPhone 6!

We’ll be uploading photos as we progress through the Teardown as well as uploading a YouTube video once we’ve completed.

19/9/14 7am : Not long now.. Final preparations underway. We’ll be handed the device at 8am on the dot.

19/9/14 7.45am : We’ve confirmed that we’re getting the 64GB Gold Version.

19/9/14 8am : iPhone in hand!

19/9/14 8.10am : We’ve unboxed the iPhone and what a beauty it is!


Plain box packaging, just like the leaked photos. Plain, Elegant?


hmm.. We need to work on our straightening skills..

No obstructive Touch ID Cable : No accidental rips during DIY repairs!

Similar Internal Layout to the iPhone 5/5s/5c.

The screen has 4 connectors now. LCD, Touch Sensor, Front Camera, Touch ID

The Battery is very well glued in.. No more loose batteries like the iPhone 5!

The Battery is rated at 3.82V – 6.91Whr!

Time to Pull out the Board!

The Rear Camera

The Logic Board. Apple have done away with the black stickers to protect the chips around the connectors, and has instead dipped them in some rubbery black substance.

The Vibration Motor is not housed inside its own casing.

The Loudspeaker, no surprises here.

The Charging Port / Headphone Jack Assembly

The Touch ID Cable is now routed with the other cables of the screen assembly. To make it easier to repair?

The screen feels nice. The earpiece hole is no longer bevelled in like the 5s/5c/5.

All the parts of the iPhone 6.

Logic board photos to follow shortly.

5 Connectors at the top of the logic board

From top:

1. Rear Camera

2. Touch Sensor

3. LCD

4. Front Camera

5. Touch ID (Right)

Apples A8 Chip

Qualcomm Chip


/Sim Reader

Toshiba Chip

AF6372 A0