Welcome to the iExperts Apple Watch Teardown!

We’re excited to be the first in the world to show you the internal wizardry of Apple’s Latest and Greatest Gadget!

Today we have the 38mm Watch Sport getting the iExperts Tear Down treatment.

‘Watch’ this space for more!

We expect to have our watch on hand at 9am 24/04/15. We’ll commence shortly after.


9.05am : We’re running a little behind schedule. We should have our watch shortly.

9.25am : And we have our watch on hand!


9.50am : This is proving to be a tough nut to crack…


9:55am : The screen is glued on to the housing, unlike the Nano 6 which uses a double sided tape adhesive. It took a fair amount of effort to pry off the screen. Once we were able to pry it up a little, it was easy to work off the glue around the rest of the rim.


10:10am The LCD & Touch sensor connector are held together by a clasp. The bottom of the clasp needs to be unclipped to separate it and expose the clip on connectors.

The battery is rated at 3.80V, 0.78Whr, 205mAh. This watch’s battery was manufactured in January 2015

10:20am : Apple have used small Tri-Point screws to secure the taptic engine and logic board.






10:45am – These tri-point screws are small… We had to modify (sharpen) a larger version of the tool we had to get out the screws.

Under the lcd/digitizer connectors, we have a black sticker hiding the 4 solder points for the connections to the Watch Taptic Sensor.. Lucky we found them.

Now for a quick desolder….


11:15am –  Sorry guys, we’re having problems getting the rest of the tiny tri-point screws out.. We have pretty much every tool imaginable here, but this one has us stuck..


We’ll update you soon…




11:50am – We’ve postponed our complete teardown until we can find the proper tri-point tool….