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Our Mission

“To be Australia’s No. 1 Choice when it comes to repairs. For our brand to be synonymous with honesty, integrity and high quality services.” 

Choosing the right repairer can be the difference between a long and happy future with your device, or a frustratingly regretful experience. That’s why iExperts strives to deliver the best quality repairs at the lowest price with the fastest turnaround. We believe in complete honesty and transparency when dealing with our customers and providing customer service above and beyond expectations.

Our Philosophy

is to stand apart from our competitors by offering honest advice and never stoop to substituting aftermarket parts as genuine.

We’ve seen a lot of repairers use cheap, poor quality and refurbished parts on their repairs to maximise profits, often misleading customers about their quality.  We act with the customers best interests in mind. If there is an alternative manufacturers solution that works out to be more cost effective, we will help the customer along that alternative.


iExperts understands the vital role our phones, tablets, laptop devices play in our daily lives so we aim to repair the majority of devices instantly. Our quick turnaround service means our customers don’t have to put their lives on hold while they’re waiting for their gadgets to be repaired.

To ensure a fast and dependable service, we stock an extensive range of parts, including genuine imported items. This means you can get back to enjoying your device rather then having to wait for parts to come into stock. We also provide customers with peace of mind, all our technicians are equipped with the latest technology and the most advanced diagnostic tools.

But it isn’t just the speed of our service which our customers have valued. We have returning customers based on our professionalism, honest advice, integrity and our commitment to giving our customers an excellent service – every time. All our repairs are covered by warranty and we are dedicated to protecting your privacy and security.

Choose the repairer 65,000 Australians, hundreds of businesses and other repair shops trust to get their gadgets repaired properly, the first time.

Only iExperts have the skills necessary to perform almost all repairs,
from simple screen replacements to the most complex soldering.

The Right Parts. The Right Solution.

iExperts have access to virtually all service parts for Apple, LG, BlackBerry, Samsung and Nokia, and the latest in tools and processes to ensure a perfect repair.


Genuine Parts

When we say genuine, we mean EXACTLY like the factory part.

No Cheap Imitations

With an iExperts repair, there won’t be the lingering “not-quite-right” feeling you get with our competitors parts.

Precision Tools

The right tools = The Perfect Repair

Up to Date

iExperts keeps up to date with the latest processes & tools in repair. Our expert technicians are trained to perform these repairs to the highest standards.

The Best Solutions

iExperts offer the best advice for your situation.

Repair? or a better Solution?

iExperts will work towards the best solution for your situation. If there is a more economical solution, we’ll tell you!
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iExperts | The Trusted Name in Repair.

We’ve Helped Customers across Australia and New Zealand.

We Pride ourselves on delivering the Best Repairs, at the Best Prices with the Best Customer Service.

iExperts are unmatched in terms of experience, quality of repair and customer satisfaction.

Best Repair Service

We don’t skimp on part quality, and take the time and care to ensure your repair lasts.

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Best Prices

Our Prices are the most competitive for the quality offered. Don’t fall for our competitors pricing fake parts as genuine.

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Best Customer Service

The biggest praise is when happy customers refer our services. Most of iExperts business comes from customer referrals.

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