iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Replacement (Touch Disease)

To fix the iPhone 6 Plus "Touch Disease"

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Replacement (Touch Disease)

To fix the iPhone 6 Plus "Touch Disease"


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iExperts can replace the Touch IC chip on the logic board which causes the common “Touch Disease” issue on the iPhone 6 Plus.

The issue arises through the bending of the logic board when the housing is bent (even slightly). This causes some of the connections on the Touch IC chip to break from the logic board.

The symptoms for this are random touching or a non responsive screen, commonly with a flicker or black bar at the top of the LCD picture.

For this repair, we require the device for up to 48 hours to comprehensively test the touch functionality after the repair.

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  1. How much does Apple charge for this repair?
    • Apple currently charge $488.95 for an iPhone 6 Plus device replacement.
  2. Why would I choose iExperts over Apple?
    • Quicker access to bookings – Same day bookings available vs Apple (3-5 days in advance)
  3. Why would I choose iExperts over other competitors?
    • iExperts don’t substitute aftermarket parts as original
    • iExperts don’t charge extra for LCD damage. Some competitors charge extra for LCD damage when the LCD comes with the new screen panel. Don’t fall for this scam.
    • iExperts are a one stop shop for all repairs, not just simple screen replacements.
    • iExperts are the industry leaders in repair, keeping fleets of government organisations, schools and businesses working.

  4. What payment methods does iExperts accept?
    • iExperts accepts Cash, EFTPOS, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal.
    • iExperts also accept Purchase orders from schools/companies that have previously registered an account with us.